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Submitting your song to Spotify Playlists Curators-Why and How?

Why should you submit your song to Spotify Playlist Curators?

As an artist, submitting your song to Spotify playlists can be beneficial in several ways:

Increased exposure: Being featured in a popular playlist can expose your music to a wider audience, helping to grow your fan base and gain new listeners.

Increased streaming: Being included in a playlist can lead to more streams and plays of your music, which can help boost your visibility on Spotify and other platforms.

Potential for playlist curation: Playlist curators are often on the lookout for new and exciting music to feature in their playlists, so getting your song on a playlist can open the door to future opportunities.

Algorithm boost: Being added to playlists can help your songs get picked up by Spotify's algorithm, which can lead to more visibility on the platform.

Potential for royalties: As your songs get more plays and streams, you may earn more royalties from the platform.

It's worth noting that getting your songs on playlists is just one aspect of promoting your music, and it's important to also focus on building your fanbase, networking and creating engaging content for your fans.

How to submit your song to Spotify Playlist Curators?

There are a few ways to reach out to Spotify playlist curators:

Social media: Many playlist curators are active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. By following them and engaging with their content, you can build a relationship and potentially pitch your song to them.

Email: Many curators provide an email address where you can submit your song for consideration. Make sure to personalize the email and include links to your music, as well as any relevant information about your career as an artist.

Music promotion platforms: There are music promotion platforms that help artists submit their music to playlists and curators. This can help you reach a large number of curators and increase your chances of getting yoursong featured on a playlist.

Playlist Pitching Services: There are some services that offer playlist pitching services for a fee. They will help you research and reach out to curators and playlists that are the best fit for your music.

Playlist Submission Forms: Some curators have a submission form on their website or playlist bio, where you can submit your music and information for consideration.

It's important to remember that curators receive a lot of submissions, so make sure your music stands out and is of high quality. Also, be respectful and polite in your outreach and don't be too pushy.

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