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In collaboration with Disney, Bad Monkey Popcorn and xCephasx Studios embarked on an exciting venture to promote the release of the Strange World Movie in theaters alongside their delicious popcorn. The result? A vibrant and captivating 3D animated commercial that resonated perfectly with our primary audience -a younger demographic

a monkey family at a movie theater buying tickets

Project Overview

Our journey commenced with an extensive brainstorming session focused on identifying themes that would capture the imagination of young viewers. We delved into the essence of both brands, seeking to merge their unique qualities seamlessly. The outcome was a whimsical narrative featuring a cast of vibrant characters, each embodying the spirit of Bad Monkey Popcorn

a monkey family staring at a movie theatre signage in amazement

Packaging Design

Creation of the Disney - Bad Monkey Collaboration Packaging

In addition to the animated commercial, xCephasx Studios took the collaboration a step further by crafting bespoke packaging for the Disney Bad Monkey Collaboration. Drawing inspiration from the whimsy of Strange World and the playful nature of Bad Monkey Popcorn, our design team meticulously curated packaging that was both visually appealing and highly memorable. The result was a product presentation that seamlessly integrated the magic of Disney with the delectable allure of Bad Monkey Popcorn.

The Challenge

The task at hand was no small feat. We set out to craft a video that not only captured the fleeting attention of children but also ignited a lasting enthusiasm for our product. This required a meticulous approach in order to establish Bad Monkey Popcorn as the preferred choice among young audiences. Our aim was not just to create a commercial, but to curate an experience that would be etched in the memories of the viewers for years to come.

The Solution

At xCephasx Studios, we are ardent believers in the power of storytelling and real-time interactivity. Every aspect of the project was meticulously crafted, from the inception of characters to the final strokes of animation. We worked hand-in-hand with the team to ensure that every detail was perfected, every frame brought to life. The result? A seamless fusion of imagination and technology, where once-static images danced with vitality, captivating the hearts of viewers.

Key Achievements

Our collaboration with Disney and Bad Monkey Popcorn yielded remarkable results:

  • An increase in brand visibility and recognition

  • A surge in customer acquisition, driven by the appeal of our animated commercial

  • Bad Monkey Popcorn's ascension to a leadership position in the competitive popcorn segment of the food and beverages industry

Watch the Full Video

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