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About xCephasx Studios

How We Got Our Start

Cephas Munga stands at the helm of xCephasx Studios, a creative powerhouse that came to life in 2009. Our story originated in the world of music artists, where we first wove melodies into the fabric of their lives. Yet, we quickly realized that this was just one chord in the intricate symphony of the music industry.

Driven by the spirit of exploration, we expanded our horizons to designing album covers for song releases. This pivot wasn't just a step forward; it was a leap into a realm of creative possibilities. It was amidst these designs that our path became clearer—there was an uncharted territory where marketing materials begged for our ingenuity.

In an ever-evolving music landscape, adaptation is key, and we danced to its rhythm for over a decade with music artists and labels. But then, a new crescendo emerged. Snack brands, entranced by our captivating visuals, approached us seeking to enhance their online presence. It was an unexpected shift, but one we embraced wholeheartedly.

Without missing a beat, we harnessed our creative energy to serve these brands, breathing life into their online identity. As the canvas broadened, our design expertise seamlessly flowed into the snack world, weaving a story of aesthetics and impact.

The journey continues, bridging the melodies of music with the flavors of snacks. From crafting harmonies that resonate to conjuring visuals that arrest the gaze, xCephasx Studios is more than a studio—it's a conductor of creativity, orchestrating narratives that linger and inspire.

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