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Cover Art Affects How Your Audience See Your Music

A cover art is an image that represents a single or album. It can be a photo, graphic art, illustration or a 3D art. It appears on all formats of music releases including vinyl records, CDs, and digital downloads.

Album cover art vinyl lips 3D design red and yellow


It’s the first thing you see. A great cover art can elicit an emotional response that immediately attracts you to the music you may have otherwise overlooked. For example, someone is scrolling through spotify music, he or she has been checking out new releases. He/ She stops skipping when he sees a good cover art.


Seeing the cover artwork before listening to the music directly affects one’s perception of the album. A great cover should give an idea of what the music will sound like.

An interesting cover art can be on the top trends. If that happens, your music will be played by many out of curiosity (which is a good thing ). Remember, your goal is to let your music reach as many listeners as possible.

When getting your cover art done, consider using colors that represent yourself and your style of music.


Your cover artwork should be able to tell a story by itself so think about how you want it to come across before beginning work on its creation. If you need a cover for your next project, contact us and xCephasx Studios will make you an impressive cover art that will capture the eyes of your audience.

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